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Can a Mobile App change the American political system? Kano Politics thinks it might.

An iOS app celebrating moderate political views hopes to secure funding for growth

KENTUCKY – April 26, 2018 – Tired of the extremism and bantering on social media, Kano Politics creates a new way to collect political insight. By adopting a survey and chat model that reveals areas of compromise, users will gain a better understanding of how the population-at-large truly feels about today’s most important political issues.

How does an app reveal compromise, especially online? Each survey asks the user to answer two questions—how passionately does the user support the topic and how strongly opposed are they to the same topic. Both questions have the same range of 5 answers, ranging from “I really dislike it that way” to “I must have it that way”. All results are shown live on a 5x5 grid.

While some may really approve of a law, candidate, or proposed bill, they may not be terribly upset if it doesn’t come to pass. That’s the crux of the app, discovering which topics people are actually passionate about and which ones have more potential for compromise.

“A majority of Americans land somewhere in the middle ground on most political issues,” claims founder Brad Farley. “The human experience is not binary and neither are our politics.  With each submission, we can better inform policymakers where to compromise or stand firm.”

Farley says insight like this can have large consequences. “Had the Democrats seen that Sanders was ‘acceptable’ by most Democrats in 2016, as opposed to the extreme reactions to Clinton, we likely would have a different president today if Sanders makes it to the general election.”

The startup’s plans don’t stop here. They plan on incorporating Artificial Intelligence to scan the chats for fake news references and automatically insert links to respected facts from reputable sources. For the long term, the team has much bigger sights.

“With blockchain technologies and biometrics in our phones, we have a plan to develop the first viable mobile app to cast official votes, with our goal of the 2028 Presidential election.”

Kano Politics is free and will be available in the US on the Apple App Store in April. Kano will be at the Collision 2018 technology conference in New Orleans for the app’s launch.

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