Biometrics and Blockchains are much more secure than voting booths.

Here's our path to create the app you'll use to cast your 2028 POTUS vote.


Launch the MVP of Kano App.

Build Kano Team and Awareness


1,000,000 Active Users

Begin Using our Political Gradient to inform Policy Makers about better legislation


10,000,000 Active Users

Use our surveying insights to predict Midterm Elections and political upsets

2023 - 2024

30,000,000 Active Users

Join the campaign trail of the Presidential Primaries and discover the strongest candidates for each party

2025 - 2027

Riding momentum from our work in the primaries, we provide proof of concept to the security and accuracy of our voting records. We provide value to local municipalities by being a cheaper, more accurate, and more inclusive option than maintaining voting machines, paying for election day volunteers, and the operational delays caused by traffic, weather, and voter restriction laws. 

We work with Congress (likely via lobbyists) to display the confidence and accuracy of our mobile voting records. It won't be easy, but eventually we will get authorization to administer official national votes.


For the first time in US History, US citizens can submit their vote for President of the United States via our Mobile App

100,000,00 Active Users